Symbols in Plan and Isometrics Views in PLUMBER

In order to improve the visualization of the plan and isometric drawings of the water supply networks that you design with PLUMBER, we have included the option to visualize the sanitary fixtures’ water inlet symbol and the respective symbols for devices such as pumps, pressure reducing valves and tanks among others.

In this video we present the options available for you to include the symbols in the plan and isometric views.


In PLUMBER’S fourth version, you will find that it is possible to present in the plan and isometrics view, the typical plumbing drawings symbology.

Thus, you can complement your projects with the information corresponding to valves, Sanitary fixtures supply points, and devices such as pumps and storage tanks.

For example, in this project you will see that we have here, in this section, the symbol of a pumping system.

We also have the suction tank located upstream.

If we change the water network, for example to the corresponding to the network of the Ground Floor.

You will see that, for the sanitary fixtures inlet point, the corresponding symbol is available in the form of a triangle.

Also an isolation valve Symbol can be added.

To control these symbol characteristics, go to the CONFIGURATION tab and load the drawing settings dialog.

You will see that here are the fields that allow you to specify the symbol’s size.

But, if you wish, you can make the changes for each particular symbol from the node’s properties.

Note that in this case, for this fixture inlet point, I prefer not to specify the existence of the isolation valve by unchecking this box.

Also a symbol can be added for those pipe sections in which you specify, among the installed fittings, some type of valve. Let’s add a gate valve to this section.

And check this box before clicking OK.

You will see that the symbol is shown.

In this way, not only the valve will be taken into account in the hydraulic calculation as well as in the material lists.

But it will also be represented in the corresponding drawing.

In addition to the isolation valve symbol, you have the check valve symbol, as you will see now.

And, certainly, if you go to the isometric view of the network, from the RESULTS tab.

You will see that the symbols are also shown, to improve the visualization.

As you have seen in previous videos, also the symbols of pressure reducing valves and water meters have been included.

Of course, as we receive suggestions from our users, we will continue to improve these options over time.

So we hope that this option will be helpful in your designs.