Water Pipeline Systems' Centrifugal Pumps Selection Software

From a simple pump selection in a building’s water supply plumbing system to the more complex evaluation of the operation of pumping stations with centrifugal pumps connected in series or in parallel in water conveying pipeline systems, BOMBAS (PUMPS) desktop version, puts the easiest way of performing the hydraulic evaluation of pumping systems within your reach.

Define your Own Centrifugal Pumps Catalog


BOMBAS provides features that will allow you to create and maintain your own centrifugal pumps catalog, specifically those related to the pumps’ characteristic curves. Thus you only need to pick the one you consider more appropriate to fulfil your project’s target operating point.

Centrifugal pumps characteristic curves generation in the software’s database is not limited to manually entering each of the flow, head, efficiency, required NPSH, and power point values. BOMBAS provides three methods that will allow you to generate “theoretical” performance curves so you can perform the pump selection and hydraulic analysis without being dependent on commercial pump models’ specific data. Thus an “ideal” characteristic curve can be obtained so that your water pumping pipeline system target flow and head is achieved.

Easy Construction of the Water Pumping Pipeline System

  • The measurement units’ selector allows you to pick your preferred unit for each of the data and results fields within tables and charts. Also the Head Losses calculation method can be chosen simply.
  • You will realize that BOMBAS will only require the minimal required data to perform the best centrifugal pump selection and pumping system analysis.
  • Association in serial of any number of pipes, even having dissimilar hydraulic properties, can easily be done both for suction and discharge pumping pipes’ sides. If required, the type and number of fittings such as valves, tees, wyes and elbows, among others, at each pipe section can be specified in order to be used by the software to perform the respective local head losses calculation.

The Easiest Way to Obtain and Visualize the Pump Selection Results


We seek to offer a didactical way of visualizing the results of the centrifugal pump selection process through the use of the pumps and pumping pipelines characteristic curves. The final product: The system’s hydraulic characteristic curve!

The RESULTS tab will show the required info that will allow you:

  • To find out which the total pump flow and head are in your pumping pipeline system.
  • To find out the operating points for each centrifugal pump model included in your current analysis.
  • The shape (slope) of each of the pumps and pipelines’ characteristic curves. This is particularly helpful when the pumping pipeline resistance curve is analyzed since you will be able to determine, just by visualizing it, how its conveyance capacity is reduced because factors such as insufficient pipes’ diameter or, in general terms, because of excessive frictional and local head losses at the time of the pumping system operation.

In Addition options for exporting the system’s characterization results to MS Excel® and PDF format files are provided.

The results chart is completely customizable: you can select the color for each of its components, the characteristics (line width, color, type of line and symbol) of each or the series representing the characteristic curves, the texts and title’s fonts, and more.


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