We create software for Civil Engineering and Architecture independent professionals and small companies

Your Current Problems ...

  • Do you spend hours trying to perform calculations, creating lists of materials and drawings of plumbing systems, sanitary or storm water networks or water distribution systems.
  • Do you not completely master the necessary methods and theory to carry out your projects.
  • Do you spend a lot of time researching and understanding how to perform hydraulic design and calculation.
  • Do you not get computer tools specialized in hydraulic design that represents the economic investment appropriate to the type of project you carry out

Our Objetive...

Offer hydraulic design specialized software to those professionals who seek to optimize their time and costs using computational tools that allow them to streamline the design and documents production of hydraulic project such as:
  • Water Supply and Drainage Systems in Buildings.
  • Urban Water Distribution Networks.
  • Urban Sanitary Sewers.
  • Urban Drainage Systems.
  • Hydraulic design of Transmission Lines.
  • Centrifugal Pumps Selection in Water Transmission Lines.

Our History

HidraSoftware started in 2012 as a project led by Alfredo J. Simancas, Civil Engineer (Universidad Politécnica de las FAN, 1.992, Venezuela) with extensive experience in the hydraulic field.

The basic objective of this project was to create software that includes the tools and options that professionals who start in the world of hydraulic design need and without complicated additions that, in real terms, are not necessary to realize the basic objective of design: sizing of pipes and equipment.

Our main concern is that the existing design programs in the market have particularities that make them "prohibitive" for independent professionals and small engineering companies:

  • They offer features that are not useful or a priority for the design of most of the projects that you find in your professional work. For example: why do you need a 3D view of the water supply facilities of an entire building? Is it useful to determine the diameter or hydraulic pressure at some point in the network? Is it useful information to be published in the plans that you will send to the field?
  • Due to the large number of additional features, their cost is generally above $ 600USD per use license, which represents an expense that is difficult to amortize in the short term for independent professionals and small business.
  • In addition to the cost of licensing, manufacturers of these available programs "bind" you to annual support and update fees, which, in the long term, increases the real cost, but remember: you are using less than 75% of the characteristics that these programs have, because your projects do not merit it.
  • The support (if you have paid for it) is slow (more than 24 hours of response time) and performed by IT staff. So, you must hope they understand what you, as a civil engineer or architect, write in order to solve your problem. We talk your same Technical language!

We do not sell only Software for Civil Engineering, we sell field experience.

The above are the reasons why we thought about creating HidraSoftware as a means to fill that "empty space" with which engineers and architects are at the time performing hydraulic designssince they only had the options available to run the calculation manually or to acquire, with a considerable investment of money, high-end software.

The development of this project then led us to improve those programs we had created to perform routine tasks in our professional work to make them friendlier, so that any professional with basic knowledge in the area of pipeline hydraulics could make their designs in a practical and economical way (in time and costs).

Thus, the calculation engines of our programs, somehow, have more than 10 years in the "battlefield" of the design and, although they are not free of bugs (those specific cases with which we have not come across in our career), are made by civil engineers who know programming and, therefore, assure you that are made thinking in the way you think.

Of course, with the passage of time, not only did we have to update ourselves regarding the calculation methods and hydraulic design in the Civil Engineering field, but we also had to train ourselves regarding coding and programming, keeping in mind that our efforts’ final product always kept a large amount of the civil engineering "point of view".

Our programs are created by Civil Engineers to be used by Civil Engineers and Architects

We understand you, we think like you, we speak your (technical) language.

  • We are civil engineers with experience in the same professional area in which you develop your career, so we are always attentive to the feedback of our customers in order to add new features and functions to our software.
  • And not only is the above important for you as a plus in considering choosing our programs as your tools for calculation and hydraulic design, but you should know that the post-sale support we provide, although it is focused on solving problems of use by the client, always has the "touch" of a hydraulic specialist who thinks like you and understands what you want to do with the chosen program.
  • That is to say: we speak your technical language, we know what you mean when you make your inquiries and, therefore, our answers are effective in solving your problems in the use and interpretation of our programs.

Learn with Us

When you review our tutorials section, you will see that most of the content is focused on teaching you how to use every one of our programs. Even in them you can see the evolution they have had from the improvements suggested by customers as well as those that are among our developing plans.

Additionally, you will see that we do not skimp on details: we present examples of generic designs that, in addition to helping you understand the philosophy of each program, will refresh that hydraulic knowledge you have, thus making you a better professional.

Our Clients

To date, more than 300 clients throughout the world have trusted our programs, especially in North America (Mexico) and South America (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru). Here are some testimonies:

My opinion about the program is that it seems practical and simple to manage. It can be adapted to the values that appear in the code regulations of my country, and its results are reliable. Now that you have the option of making isometric drawings, it is more complete. I hope that in the future it could continue to be complemented with applications to select the pumping equipment, and to be able to simulate the behavior of the network with the insertion of pressure regulating valves.

Iván Cotes Durán

Freelance Professional

I was able to calculate the complete water network with Aqueductos! I had no problems assigning the water demands to each parcel lot and then performing the calculation of the network with the hypotheses defined in the software's settings.

It must be a record in learning to manage the program, it is also because the commands are similar to the other programs you have and the management philosophy is practically the same in all,

Thanks and regards

Héctor Daniel Valussi

Civil Engineer, Technical Office - Salta

... for the stormwater drainage collection I have used DREN-URBA V.1.1, which is a very friendly software in the data entry and it is quickly understood how to enter the data and the configuration of the surface runoff. That makes for my judgment, an excellent program that performs the calculations and helps a professional to develop design, even when they are not an expert in the field, which is my case.

Héctor Lorenzo Mendoza Reyes

Freelance Professional

Congratulations for the presentation of the PLUMBER 2 program, the results are faster and more reliable with the import of the DXF files, even if there are a lot of pipe sections with different sanitary fittings to be designed; I hope that in the new versions it will continue to complement by increasing the tables of probable flow that can be modified according to the fixture units required by each country, as well as applications of the pumping system and reducing valves for a complete simulation.

A. Christian Diaz Huayaney

Freelance Professional

The Pumps program in its desktop version is a powerful tool for the design of Pumping Stations due to the ease of data loading of a pumping system and the clearness of the presentation of the results. It also has an important and powerful tool for generating curves of pumping units. It is important to highlight the friendliness of the program's interfaces that make its use and interpretation of results easy and understandable.

I emphasize that I am also a user of other of your programs, such as Ariete, to which I extend the previously transcribed concepts that are based on 40 years of experience in Sanitary Engineering designs.

Ing. Ricardo Gabrielli

RG Ingenieros (www.rg-ingenieros.com.ar)