Stormwater Drainage Inlets Location and Sewer Pipe Network Design


DREN-URBA is the software for calculating, under uniform flow conditions, the hydraulic parameters necessary to establish the Stormwater Drainage Inlets location and characteristics as well as the sewer pipe network design in any urban drainage system.

You can easily create, in minutes, the urban surface drainage system,defining water channels with different cross sections (rectangular, trapezoidal, triangular, etc.) and also model the runoff conveyed by streets and avenues with and without a built-in gutter.

You can locate, on the software’s CAD interface, the drainage inlets in charge of runoff collection, which will be later conveyed to the stormwater sewers network.

With the Drainage Inlets Intercepted flows, and having defined the Storm Sewer network’s Properties (Circular Pipes), just let DREN-URBA perform the automatic design for you using three criteria.

Main Features


Built-in CAD interface

Create the Urban Drainage System objects: Channels, Streets, Drainage Inlets, Manholes, Sewer pipes and Sub basins by drawing them directly in the drawing area that DREN-URBA incorporates.


Sub basins

On the drawing area, you will create polygons that will model sub basins or tributary drainage areas and, for each of them, choose between three methods for determining the respective time of concentration.

Cross Sections Manager

You can perform calculations in the urban surface drainage system by assigning one of the five available channel’s cross sections: rectangular, trapezoidal, triangular, half a street, and half a street with gutter.

Varios Tipos de Sumideros

Several Types of Drainage Inlets

13 types of Drainage inlets have been incorporated to ease your surface system analysis. All you need to do is to create the typical ones and insert them into the drawing area. DREN-URBA does the rest.

Storm Sewer Design

Determining longitudinal slopes, diameters, and invert elevations for the storm sewer network pipes can be performed automatically, choosing between three possible methods. Just one click to design.

 Asignación Automática de Elevaciones

Automatic Ground Elevation Allocation

Importing, or creating on the drawing area, Land Survey Elevation Points, DREN-URBA will automatically determine, by simple allocation or by interpolation, the ground elevations of streets and channels endpoints as well as the ground elevation of Manholes.

Curvas de Intensidad-Duración-Frecuencia

Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves

You will easily create the design's rainfall intensity tables for different return periods, so as to simply select your preferred frequency to be used in the urban drainage system calculation and design.

Diseño Visual

Visual Design

You can visualize, using the colors legend, hydraulic results in channels and storm sewer pipes so that you can easily detect those components that violate the design criteria. Likewise, it is possible to annotate Manhole and storm sewer pipes so as to document your project plans in further detail.

Perfiles Longitudinales

Longitudinal Profiles

Easily generate storm sewer network’s longitudinal profiles resulting from your design with DREN-URBA, including in them annotations with values of elevation, diameter, pipes class and flows, among other parameters.

Meet the Tools that DREN-URBA Incorporates to Help You in Your Urban Drainage System Analysis and Design

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