Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get Manuals for Using Your Software?

HidraSoftware’s Blog is the place where you will find tutorials and videos that show how to use our software. Just select the respective category (PLUMBER, DESAGÜES, etc.) on the blog’s main page sidebar to filter those related to the software of your preference. There are our manuals!

What Country design codes your Programs implement?

All our programs are designed to offer the user options to define the parameters used in the calculation and design according to what the codes of their countries and their own criteria dictate. They are not "tied" to any specific code or standard.

In fact, only PLUMBER and DRAINS are the programs with normative values, those corresponding to the fixture units, since they are based on the HUNTER method, but in any case, they offer the required dialogues so that the user can adapt them to what the codes of their country establish. In this video (link to video) you can see what the process is like.

When acquiring a license for any of your Software, what other benefits do I have?

On our sales page, we note that with the purchase of any of our products, you´ll receive — for free — all minor updates arising in the period of one year from the software’s purchase date.

Generally, minor updates will arise upon detection of an error in the execution of the software and do not include the addition of new features.

When new features are added to the software, a major update is created. This will generate a new software version (from 1.0 to 2.0, for example).

Being a Perpetual Licensee of any version, and if you wish, you can access the next major upgrade at a discount of 50% on the cost of the new version.

More Details about License Types Clicking Here.

Is there any other form of payment besides PayPal?

Additionally, it is possible to make the payment by credit card, either using the PayPal platform or directly through Stripe + SendOwl.

On how many computers can I install the Software?

Once you purchase a Perpetual license for any of our software, you are allowed to install and use it in a maximum of two (2) computers.

This is considering that each licensee wants to install the software on one desktop computer and also install it on one laptop.

In the case of the Subscription License ( read here for more details) and except that otherwise specified in the corresponding purchase invoice, installation is only allowed on one (1) computer.

Installing the program for which a license has been acquired in more than the allowed number of equipment, will represent a violation of the terms of sale, reserving the right to cancel such license unilaterally.

Once the purchase is done, how do I get the software?

When your purchase is verified through PayPal or SendOwl, the system automatically will give you access to the download link with the fully functional software installation file.

This link will also be submitted to your email. Our software is not delivered on physical media (CD, DVD, Flash Drive), only electronically.

What is the Support Response Time?

On working days and between 9:00 and 18:00 hours (Canary Islands, Spain time) the response time is generally of the order of 3 hours.

But under no circumstances, except for weekends or holidays, do our responses take more than 24 hours to be sent to our customers and interested people.

Do I need Training to Use your Programs?

Our philosophy is that to use our programs it is only required to watch the tutorials we have published in our blog and, of course, have a basic knowledge of the subject and methods treated by the respective program.

We do not consider necessary, nor do we plan, to create training "courses" to use our tools.

We also do not have authorized distributors or trainers.

Do you have an Educational License for your Programs?

No, our programs have a unique version to be commercially acquired.

For programs testing purposes and getting to know their basic characteristics, there are the demo versions that we offer at no cost on the downloads page. It is only required that you subscribe to the mailing list of the selected program.

Do you offer Discounts for purchases of more than one license?

Yes, just let us know how many licenses you are interested and we will send you the corresponding discount.

What is the version of AUTOCAD® DWG and DXF files that can be loaded in your software?

To date, it is possible to load AUTOCAD® files prior to version 2018.

Remember that AUTOCAD® and other CAD programs, in any of their versions, have the Save As option, with which you can save your drawing files as a previous version, for example the 2013 version.

Thus you can use them without problems in our programs

How to change the language in your Software?

All our programs, with the exception of ARIETE, which has an automatic language selector, have the option, in the Settings page, to select between two languages: Spanish and English:


When you change the language, as indicated in the confirmation message, you must restart the program for the changes to take effect.

Once the program loads with the new language, you must go back to the Settings page to click the Restore Settings button:


This is what guarantees that all texts (in tables and drawing) have the default options associated with the previously selected language.

It is expected that the language change be done only once to adapt it to your preferences and from there keep the selected language as invariable in time.

Keep in mind that, in some programs, the project files have specific properties of the language with which they are created, not being, therefore, completely compatible with the other language option in the same program.

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