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Network Creation

Offers multiple options to create the network: importing objects from drawing files, from EPANET data files or from MS EXCEL sheets, and of course, you can create it by drawing directly in the CAD window of the software.

Diameters Selection

The trial and error process to define the diameter of each pipe section in the water network is automatically made according to two criteria: constant velocity or from a maximum velocities table for each possible diameter.

System Head Curves

You can create the System Head Curve by considering up to two supply points, which allows you to determine the water network’s required piezometric head for storage tanks or water pumping stations.

Water Storage Tank Calculation

Aqueductos offers you the tools to perform the calculation of the equalization volume of Water Distribution Storage Tanks. Just enter the values of the affluent and effluent curves, and you will obtain the required capacity in seconds.

Calculation of Work Quantities

The quantities of work: earth movement, placement of pipeline, as well as the list of materials of the network are automatically calculated in the software, making it possible to generate an estimate of the total construction cost.

Water Demand Calculation

With the built-in functions for water demand automatic allocation, you can create demand parcels and demand polygons so that you will not have to worry about performing the manual calculation of the water network’s nodal demands.

Calculation of Localized Head Losses

To include in the hydraulic calculations the head losses generated by networks’ fittings, you can choose between two methods included in the software: increase in the actual pipe length by a percentage or through the localized loss coefficients of fittings.

Automatic Elevation Assignment

Creating altimetric references in your Aqueductos project, either drawing them or importing them from drawing or MS Excel files, you can obtain the ground elevations for nodes and pipe sections longitudinal profiles with the click of a button.

Water Network Drawing Plans and Profiles

At all times you will be working on the plan view of the network, with the necessary text annotations to reflect the results of the design. You can generate the annotated longitudinal profiles, even indicating the intersections with other services.

Share Information with Our Sewer Design Programs

AQUEDUCTOS is compatible with CLOACAS and DREN-URBA programs, so you can make projects of the three systems that complement each other.

The most recent Updates of Our Programs for the Design of Sanitary Sewer (CLOACAS) and Stormwater systems (DREN-URBA) contain the tools that will allow you to share with them and with AQUEDUCTOS information that will allow you to:

Exchange the information of demand parcels between CLOACAS and AQUEDUCTOS to guarantee the consistency in the calculation of water demands in your Sanitary Sewer and Potable Water Distribution projects. Watch this video to see it in action.

Import and export the geometry of the network designed in any of the three programs and import it to any of them so that you can carry out an interferences analysis between pipelines, being possible to generate the longitudinal profiles representing in them the pipes of other intersected systems, indicating its depth and diameter, among other parameters. See how the interference study between CLOACAS and DREN-URBA works in this video (similarly you could do that with AQUEDUCTOS)

Watch AQUEDUCTOS in Action in these Videos

Example in which the System Head Curves and the Calculation Hypotheses are combined as part of the medium-term design of the water distribution network:

Here we carry out the evaluation of the affectation in the water distribution supply to the users when some of the pipes are taken out of service:

For water networks with two supply points (Storage tank floating in the system and a Pumping Station, for example), it is also possible to generate the System Head Curve:


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