Do you know how to calculate the Water Hammer?
Perform the Basic Analysis with our Simple Water Hammer Software

Our idea with ARIETE is to offer a basic and sufficient computer tool so that the majority of the civil engineers can perform the pipelines basic water hammer analyses, without having to resort to more sophisticated and expensive software of which, for sure, they will only use about 50 % of its characteristics.

Main Features

  • Generates and Displays the Resulting hydraulic grades envelopes along the pipeline system for various operating conditions.
  • Models the operation of pumping and gravity pipeline systems.
  • Allows the visual comparison, on pipeline’s longitudinal profile, of the maximum hydraulic grade that the piping can withstand, depending on their nominal pressure or pressure rating, with the resultant ones from different considered operational scenarios, thus determining the sufficiency or not to withstand internal pressures.
  • Generates the Maximum and Minimum hydraulic grade envelopes under “emergency” conditions, such as the sudden stoppage of pumps in water pumping pipelines.
  • Evaluates the effect on hydraulic grades and resulting pressure heads when water hammer control devices, such as one way surge tanks, two way surge tanks, air chambers, bypass lines, flywheels, surge relief valves, among others, are installed in the pipeline.
  • Makes it possible to visualize, through customizable charts, the resulting values of pressure and flow (among others) at different points of the pipeline system throughout the simulation time.

Why ARIETE must be among your hydraulic pipeline analysis tools?

Water Pipeline Design and Analysis involves not only the basic hydraulic designing but also the determination of pressure heads and flows conveyed by the system under different operational conditions, aimed at determining the capacity of the pipeline’s components to withstand the calculated internal pressures in the system.

Our ARIETE Water Hammer Software has been created with the intention of presenting, as explicitly as possible, the calculation results in the form of a Pipeline’s Longitudinal profile chart and plotting on it the resulting hydraulic grade envelopes in the system for different operating conditions, which range from values resulting in steady state conditions to those obtained under conditions of unsteady flow regime.

Using ARIETE for water hammer calculation is aimed at studying what the surge pressures generated in the water pipeline system under specific situations are, for example, in a sudden failure of pump equipment and the opening and closing of control valves. It is then possible to evaluate the effect that water hammer control devices, such as Water Surge Tanks, Air Chambers, Bypass lines, and surge relief valves, among others, would have on the system’s hydraulic response.

In summary, Ariete is a computational tool that allows the evaluation of different analysis scenarios and, in turn, allows the visual comparison of results for such scenarios so that the civil engineer can achieve better water pipeline designs.

Some Screenshots...


Ariete’s main window shows the pipeline’s longitudinal profile, plotting the calculated and allowable hydraulic grade envelopes:


You can compare hydraulic grade envelopes for different analysis scenarios:


In the Pipeline Data dialog, the geometrical and water hammer calculation parameters will be entered:


You can create libraries of Centrifugal Pumps with different characteristics curves:


You can include water hammer control devices at the pumping stations’ discharge pipe:


Along the pipeline’s length, it is possible insert water hammer control devices, such as two way surge tanks, among others:


You can visualize the water hammer calculation results in charts, which you can easily configure to enhance their presentation:


You will be able to generate multiple data series charts in order to compare the selected scenario results:

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