In this video we present the options available for you to include the symbols in the plan and isometric views of your water distribution networks projects.

As part of the modifications made to the program calculation algorithm, you will see that it is now possible to create and hydraulically design networks that are of the descending type (supply to sanitary fixtures from networks located on the roof).

In this video you will see the steps to follow and options available to create a database of Characteristic Curves of centrifugal pumps in our Plumbing Design Software

In this video you will see how we propose the supply from an underground tank, through a pumping system, to the elevated tank that will then attend by gravity to a two-level single-family dwelling.

As you can see in the video, you can evaluate the direct pumping either using only a pumping equipment or, as is usually the case in most cases, using several similar equipment operating in parallel or at different revolutions.

In this video you will see how PLUMBER offers all the necessary parameters so that you can select the pumping equipment to use when you opt for hydropneumatic pumping.